My Defense Council

I have never been to court where I’m called as a witness or defendant. I was on the jury once a long, long time ago. I’m also a huge Law & Order fan. I’ve watched probably every Perry Mason show and I did watch a little Matlock. In most all of these shows, the defense attorney really plays a huge role in helping innocent people get vindication.

I was given some bad news of a friend who recently pled guilty to something I don’t believe he did to avoid a stiffer punishment. He received years of prison time for something he says he didn’t do. My initial thought was that it sounds like he didn’t have good council. He really needed a good attorney to present his case. I woke up this morning troubled on behalf of my friend and read this passage of scripture in Psalms. Check this out…

1 I find rest in God;
only he can save me.
2 He is my rock and my salvation.
He is my defender;
I will not be defeated.
5 I find rest in God;
only he gives me hope.
6 He is my rock and my salvation.
He is my defender;
I will not be defeated.
7 My honor and salvation come from God.
He is my mighty rock and my protection.
8 People, trust God all the time.
Tell him all your problems,
because God is our protection. (Psalm 62:1-2; 5-8 NCV)

This passage of scripture blessed me because I’ve since needed legal council. I’ve been praying about the next move and God has supplied with me with wise council every time. I should not worry – I should just trust in God. He is my defender. He will direct my path, my words, my steps, my preparation – all of it. He has everything under his control. I can find complete rest when I completely trust God.

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