That word makes me think of cartoon characters who can be made to be infinitely strong and flexible and even survive the most brutal beatings.  I’ve seen Wile E. Coyote die several times in many episodes and still he’s back chasing the road runner.  When I say mighty in terms of God, it’s way bigger than that. God can do in real life what is really only make believe in the cartoons.

My God can operate outside of the natural because He’s the Creator of the life we know and live. He often works in the supernatural and our “natural minds” can’t comprehend all the He’s capable of.  Check this out…

  1 Praise the Lord!
    It is good to sing praises to our God;
       it is good and pleasant to praise him.
 2 The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem;
       he brings back the captured Israelites.
 3 He heals the brokenhearted
       and bandages their wounds.
 4 He counts the stars
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
       and names each one.

5 Our Lord is great and very powerful.

       There is no limit to what he knows.
 6 The Lord defends the humble,

11 The Lord is pleased with those who respect him,

       with those who trust his love.
    but he throws the wicked to the ground. (Psalm 147:1-6; 11 NCV)


As strong and powerful God is, He loves those who respect Him. He is gentle with the hurting and broken hearted. He is mighty to save us from sin. He can protect us from harm. He is our defense when we are attacked without cause. He is most definitely worthy praising and worshipping.

When I think of God’s strength, I realize just how wimpy and weak I am. His strength will stand when I’m weak. His strength is perfect and right on time. He is so Powerful and Mighty.  I’m sticking with Him!

Pressing On!

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