I’ve often heard that God doesn’t have a good memory, by choice. He forgives our sin and choses to not remember them. I have a hard time forgetting my sin or the sins of others against me. God, however, forgets on purpose.   Asaph is very concerned that God’s memory has failed Him and that He needs to remember the people He has chosen for His own. This must be after Israel is taken captive or certainly been defeated. Check this out…

15 You opened up the springs and streams
       and made the flowing rivers run dry.
 16 Both the day and the night are yours;
       you made the sun and the moon.
 17 You set all the limits on the earth;
       you created summer and winter.
 20 Remember the agreement you made with us,
       because violence fills every dark corner of this land.
 21 Do not let your suffering people be disgraced.
       Let the poor and helpless praise you.
 22 God, arise and defend yourself.
       Remember the insults that come from those foolish people all day long.
 23 Don’t forget what your enemies said;
       don’t forget their roar as they rise against you always. (Psalm 74:15-17; 20-23 NCV)

I know that God doesn’t need to be reminded of what He can do. I think sometimes He allows things to happen to us that remind us of our need for Him. He is all I need. He created me. He sustains me. He directs my steps. I think it’s amazing that Creator God cares about me in such detail. His Spirit is in me.

When I turn from Him, it feels like He’s turned from me. I believe God allows consequences for sin to happen to us. I believe that God will not leave us or forsake us. We are His kids. If we choose to do life without Him, I believe He steps back and allows us that freedom.  I think that I’m the one who needs a better memory. I need to remember all that God has done and continues to do in my life.

Pressing On!

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