Making Plans

There are times when my planning is “spot on” and gets me organized and I feel in control. There are other times when I feel like no matter how well I plan it could not go any worse. Sometimes the things that come our way in life are bigger than we could possibly plan for or be prepared for. It’s in those moments that we simply “hang on for the ride”.  Jeremiah was living this “roller coaster ride” out with the people of Judah and their punishment from the Lord. Check this out….

 2 “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says to you, Baruch: 3 You have said, ‘How terrible it is for me! The Lord has given me sorrow along with my pain. I am tired because of my suffering and cannot rest.’”
4 The Lord said, “Say this to Baruch: ‘This is what the Lord says: I will soon tear down what I have built, and I will pull up what I have planted everywhere in Judah. (Jeremiah 45:2-4 NCV)

My daily plans should start with asking the Lord what He wants from me. I can plan my schedule to the minute but the Lord may have other plans. There may be other people He needs me to see. I may be running into them for my benefit or the Lord has something He needs them to hear from me. The Lord will lead me when I listen to Him. I believe He gives me prompting via the Holy Spirit to do this or do that. I believe it’s good to pray before I show houses so the Lord is honored and given the reins of my life to hold in His hands.

It’s a whole lot easier to say that the Lord is in charge of my schedule than it is to really surrender my schedule to HimIt’s a lot less stressful when He is in charge instead of me. I’ve got to grow in my trust of Him regarding my schedule – I’m starting today.

Pressing On!


PS… Who was it that said, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.”?

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