That word brings to my mind words like, royalty, dignity, power, beauty and sovereign. Majesty makes me think of God. He can be described by all those words and many more.  I’ve never seen a king in person. I’ve seen the entourage that comes with them and the “regal fuss” that is made over them. I’ve seen a former president in person and I’ve watched the “pomp and circumstance” when they arrive on the scene.  The majesty of God goes way beyond any president or monarch. His majesty is above anything in this world! Check this out…

 1 The Lord is king. He is clothed in majesty.
       The Lord is clothed in majesty
       and armed with strength.
    The world is set,
       and it cannot be moved.
 2 Lord, your kingdom was set up long ago;
       you are everlasting.
 3 Lord, the seas raise,
       the seas raise their voice.
       The seas raise up their pounding waves.
 4 The sound of the water is loud;
       the ocean waves are powerful,
       but the Lord above is much greater. (Psalm 93:1-4 NCV)

The Majesty of God is bigger than the power of the ocean and it’s breaking waves and deep waters. He is bigger and more majestic than our minds can comprehend or imagine. I feel so helpless trying to describe Him with words. He is actually beyond description. As I read the attempts at describing Him, I’m so humbled that He is the least bit concerned with me. In all His Majesty and Power, he still pursues hearts that are in pursuit of Him! I want to live my life in pursuit of His Majesty, Almighty God!

Pressing On!

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