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I know that I have several things to do today. I will probably make myself a punch list here in a few moments. As I go through out the morning in the office, the list of things will spill over into the afternoon. I can usually foresee a busy day coming. Lately it seems like they’ve all been busy – a good thing if your in Real Estate!

As I read this Psalm this morning there only one MAIN THING that I should do above all else today. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
1 Praise the Lord!
    Praise the Lord from the skies.
       Praise him high above the earth.
 2 Praise him, all you angels.
       Praise him, all you armies of heaven.
 3 Praise him, sun and moon.
       Praise him, all you shining stars.
 4 Praise him, highest heavens
       and you waters above the sky.
 5 Let them praise the Lord,
       because they were created by his command.
 6 He put them in place forever and ever;
       he made a law that will never change. (Psalm 148:1-6 NCV)

 No matter how busy my day becomes, I should breath this in… I need to praise God for Who He is and the things He’s doing in my life.

He loves it when we praise Him with our lips and voices. He loves it most when our actions scream out praise to Him through our obedience and honor of Him. The main thing on my agenda to day is to Praise the Lord, my God!

 Pressing On!

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