One of the principles that I’ve learned in my journey with the Lord over the past several years is to constantly look to Him.  Sometimes without words, I simply look to Him.  I look to Him for direction. I look to Him for wisdom. I look to Him for strength. I look to Him to save me. I heard someone use a different word for “look”; they used the word “gaze”.  I can gaze at the Lord and there is hope in that gaze. There is wonder in my gaze.  I have found it very hard to take my eyes off Him. The more I gaze at Him, the deeper understanding I have of Him.  Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 4 “At that time Israel’s wealth will all be gone.

      Israel will be like someone who has lost much weight from sickness.

 7 At that time people will look to God, their Maker;
       their eyes will see the Holy One of Israel.
10 You have forgotten the God who saves you;
       you have not remembered that God is your place of safety. (Isaiah 17:4,7,10a NCV)

 Sometimes I think that my spiritual eyesight needs corrective lenses. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that my eyesight has fallen off.  I wear contact lenses to correct my vision. I can see pretty good, as long as my contacts are in place or I have my glasses on.  I believe that my gaze of God is more correct when I see Him through the eyes of His Word. His Word reveals His character and details about Him that I would not otherwise know. I must remember that in the noise of the life and the busyness of my life, I need to keep my eyes on the One Who saved me and the One Who will direct my path, the One Who is my Source of wisdom and strength.

 Pressing On!


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