Live Right

These two words can roll of my tongue with ease. They are not always easy to fulfill. Sometimes the right thing is expensive – I should still do the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is embarrassing – I should still do the right thing.  Living right and doing right should never be up for negotiation. Every time that I choose to do right, I get stronger at saying no to the wrong choices.  David has proper perspective on doing right. Check this out….

 3 But those who do right should be glad
       and should rejoice before God;
       they should be happy and glad.
 4 Sing to God; sing praises to his name.
    Prepare the way for him
       who rides through the desert,
    whose name is the Lord.
       Rejoice before him.
 5 God is in his holy Temple.
       He is a father to orphans,
       and he defends the widows.
 6 God gives the lonely a home.
       He leads prisoners out with joy,
       but those who turn against God will live in a dry land.
 7 God, you led your people out
       when you marched through the desert. (Psalm 68:3-7 NCV)

 I always want the Lord on my side. He will not side with evil. He will always stand for truth and honesty. He is Truth. He inspires me to live right and make the right choices. His Spirit directs my path if I will listen. He is the Creator God who didn’t have a beginning and has not ending. He cares about me as well as others who choose to live right. I honor God, my Creator, my Father, when I live right! 

Pressing On!

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