18″ Level

There are so many ways to use this word level. I have a tool called a level in my shop that helps me measure level, both horizontally and vertically. It has round tubes partially filled and containing and air bubble that is used to determine if a surface is level or plumb. Engineers and Architects build playing fields slightly “off level” so that water won’t stand on them.  Level is a benchmark measurement. Something is level or not level.  I love how Isaiah uses the word.  Check this out….

 7The path of life is level for those who are right with God; Lord, you make the way of life smooth for those people. 8 But, Lord, we are waiting for your way of justice.
Our souls want to remember you and your name.
 9 My soul wants to be with you at night, and my spirit wants to be with you at the dawn of every day.
When your way of justice comes to the land, people of the world will learn the right way of living. (Isaiah 26:7-9 NCV)

My journey with the Lord can be “level” and steady when I dig into His Word daily.  I didn’t say that I’m without sin – far from it.  I do believe that a consistent journey with the Lord leads to a consistent lifestyle with Him at the center.

I don’t set about trying to measure other’s lives – I have enough measuring of my own to keep me busy. I want to use the Word of God as the “level” to measure my journey. I also want to use the life of Jesus to measure my behavior. He was without sin and He knew what to do in every situation and He still does. I must seek His direction and council before making any choices. Others should measure their live against the “level life of Jesus” too.

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