Let Me Down

I have learned over the years that when I put my trust in people rather than the Lord, I’m often disappointed. I have been hurt deeply by trusting in a person and I’ve learned my lesson more than once.  I have been concerned in writing these daily journals that someone might read these and put me in a place of prominence where I DON’T belong.  Only the Lord is worthy of my deepest respect and highest honor. Everyone else is simply a servant to Him. I have profound respect for Louie Giglio as a leader, teacher and most importantly a lover of God. I still must remember that he is human too. Jeremiah speaks to this whole concept. Check this out….

 5 This is what the Lord says:
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
A curse is placed on those who trust other people,

    who depend on humans for strength,

    who have stopped trusting the Lord.
6 They are like a bush in a desert

    that grows in a land where no one lives,

    a hot and dry land with bad soil.

They don’t know about the good things God can give.
“But the person who trusts in the Lord will be blessed.

    The Lord will show him that he can be trusted.
8 He will be strong, like a tree planted near water

    that sends its roots by a stream.

It is not afraid when the days are hot;

    its leaves are always green.

It does not worry in a year when no rain comes;

    it always produces fruit. (Jeremiah 17:5-8 NCV)

 I think it’s OK to have respect and high regard for another human being who has lived an exemplary life that honored God. I must still remember that they are human. I have so much respect for Bill Graham as a preacher, teacher, writer, father, and humble servant of God. He doesn’t draw attention to himself. He points the attention to the One Who deserves the attention. When I trust too much in human beings, I’m trusting the “created” instead of the “Creator”.  I want to put my complete and unwavering trust in the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth. He is the Author of Salvation and the Giver of GRACE! He saved my soul! He is preparing my eternal home with Him. He is the ONE I will trust completely – He will NEVER let me down!

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