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I love learning. I must confess that when I was not a great student in High School or even during my college undergrad years. I did enough to get by. I saw each assignment as drudgery. I just didn’t get it. I have often wished I had the opportunity to go back and revisit those years in college and high school now that I realize how important learning is. I would listen to Dr. Black make the Old Testament come to life more. I would take seriously my study of the New Testament under Dr. Mattingly.  I would try to grasp the concepts that Mrs. Ally was trying to teach me in English.

Study & Learn!

I waited 10 years after graduating college to get my Masters Degree and I was a 4.0 student because I loved learning and I was determined to use my education to help others.

Today I find myself reading blogs and studying ideas to help me be a better REALTOR and Broker in the company I serve. I am fully committed to be a life-long learner. I certainly don’t know where technology will go, but I plan to learn it. I want to learn from others. I want to learn from my past mistakes. I want to be wise and discerning about how decisions I make today affect tomorrow and next week.

Jeremiah was in a tough spot and he was speaking to the people of Judah delivering a message from God. The message wasn’t positive – in fact he was telling them that God was about to destroy them, their families and give the land to someone else. The Lord was beyond frustrated with their misbehavior, their outright sin and their arrogance toward Him.   Jeremiah pens a beautiful prayer when hard times come. Check this out…

 19 Lord, you are my strength and my protection,

    my safe place in times of trouble.

The nations will come to you from all over the world

    and say, “Our ancestors had only false gods,

    useless idols that didn’t help them.
20 Can people make gods for themselves?

    They will not really be gods!”
21 The Lord says, “So I will teach those who make idols.

    This time I will teach them

    about my power and my strength.

Then they will know

    that my name is the Lord. (Jeremiah 16:19-21 NCV)

My prayer is that my children learn quickly how much the Lord loves them. I pray that they learn that He wants to be number 1 in their live. When the Lord has the proper place in my life priorities, He will direct my path and the rest of my priorities will honor Him as well. This was not a lesson that I learned quickly, but I wish others could learn from my mistakes. A wise person learns from their mistakes, but a wiser person learns from the mistakes of others.  In my study of the Old Testament, I’m learning how important obedience to the Lord is. I’m learning to TRUST HIM. I’m learning to LISTEN TO HIM. I’m learning!

Pressing On!

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