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Leadership iconThose who find themselves in leadership positions have a good bit more responsibility on their shoulders than the average person. They carry the responsibility of leading others. I like the term servant-leadership. I believe sometimes leaders forget whom they are leading. Leaders can get too focused on their power and authority and neglect the ones who are following.  This problem seems to happen in politics quite often.

Ezekiel is calling out the people of Israel and restating again that the Lord is finished with them. He’s about to take their leadership out. He’s about to give them over as captives to Babylon and many will die in the process.  He makes it crystal clear that it’s because of their disobedience that this destruction is about to happen.  Check this out….

24 “So this is what the Lord God says: ‘You have shown how sinful you are by turning against the Lord. Your sins are seen in all the things you do. Because of this proof against you, you will be taken captive by the enemy.
25 “‘You unclean and evil leader of Israel, you will be killed! The time of your final punishment has come. 26 This is what the Lord God says: Take off the royal turban, and remove the crown. Things will change. Those who are important now will be made unimportant, and those who are unimportant now will be made important. (Ezekiel 21:24-26 NCV)

Those who find themselves in positions of leadership should realize that the Lord placed them there. He can certainly remove them at any time as well. It is frustrating when leadership is corrupt and full of self-serving people. I believe that leaders will have to answer to the Lord as to how they handled their position. I also believe that leaders will have a great reward for their position.  In God’s economy, leaders are simply the “lead servants” because the Lord came to serve. He calls us to serve as well. Servant leaders are salt and light to our world. God honors leadership that is modeled after His Son! There is a need for more servant leaders at the local level, state level and national level.  Some of the corruption needs to be wiped out.

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