WoodshedThe part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water. As a REALTOR, I’ve learned that the value of land is based on location but also on the fact that the Lord isn’t making more of it – so it “scarce”.  I know people who own lots of land and I know people who only own a tiny spot barely big enough for their home. Large tracts of land have more taxes and some upkeep. I know people who could probably cut their grass with a weed eater!

The Lord took care of His people and in Ezekiel He was giving very specific instructions as to the division of the land. He was giving each tribe their share of the land that they were to dwell on. The last verse of the last chapter of Ezekiel describes a “new name” for the main city in the land. Check this out…

35 “The city will measure about six miles around. From then on the name of the city will be The Lord Is There.” (Ezekiel 48:35 NCV)

 I’d like for my home and my little spot of land to be named, “The Lord Is There”. I keep coming back to the “presence of the Lord” as a theme in my life. I don’t want to be or go anywhere without His Presence.  His Spirit can help me with the simplest of choices to the most monumental, life changing choices. I can trust His leading and His prompting because of His Presence. I believe that my presence in the Word of God cultivates the Presence of God in my life!  I want the land I walk on and work on to welcome the Presence of God. I want the Presence of God to be obvious in my life – not to make me look good or important – but to make Him famous and known everywhere!


Pressing On!


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