This was the Holy city during King David’s time. It was the city where God dwelt. The Lord commissioned Solomon to build a magnificent temple there. God dwelt in the Temple.

Now that God dwells in the hearts of His kids, there’s not a need for a temple made by man. In fact, some of the churches we build today are still relative to the history of God dwelling in buildings. He dwells in our hearts.  The sons of Korah penned a Psalm speaking about Jerusalem. Check this out…

 5 They will say about Jerusalem,
       “This one and that one were born there.
       God Most High will strengthen her.”
 6 The Lord will keep a list of the nations.
       He will note, “This person was born there.”
 7 They will dance and sing,
       “All good things come from Jerusalem.” (Psalm 87:5-7 NCV)

I want my heart to be a place where God’s presence is clear.  I want the Lord’s personality to overshadow mind. I want dancing and singing to come from my heart because He’s there.  God pays very close attention to what happens in my heart, therefore I should guard my heart and cultivate His Presence there.

Pressing On!

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