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I sometimes meander through this life acting like I’m in charge of things around me. I act like I’m leading at home, church and work. I’m really not in charge of anything or anyone without Him. One of my favorite Psalms ever really states this very clearly. Check this out…

1 If the Lord doesn’t build the house,
       the builders are working for nothing.
    If the Lord doesn’t guard the city,
       the guards are watching for nothing.
 2 It is no use for you to get up early
       and stay up late,
    working for a living.
       The Lord gives sleep to those he loves.
 3 Children are a gift from the Lord;
       babies are a reward.
 4 Children who are born to a young man
       are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.
 5 Happy is the man
       who has his bag full of arrows.
    They will not be defeated
       when they fight their enemies at the city gate. (Psalm 127:1-5 NCV) 

As I read the first couple of verses to this Psalm, I began thinking about my work at Metro West Realty. I believe that if the Lord isn’t in my business, then my business is all for nothing.  I believe that He can watch over my decisions as a REALTOR and in the process of my business, He’s honored.

The last three verses made me smile from ear to ear. The Lord has blessed me with amazing children. My family is most definitely a gift from the Lord. Andrew Hicks, Valerie Hicks, Kristen Hicks, Jeremy Hicks, Matthew Hicks and Luke Hicks are the best kids on the planet!  I have a “bag full of arrows” that has blessed my life in too many ways to count.  To have kids like these on my “parental resume” is astounding and I am thankful to the Lord for His Presence in their livesI’m thankful for the promises of God and the gift of my children. I am speechless to describe how they have blessed my life and continue to bless me. It’s because of Him in their lives!

Pressing On!

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