This is word that I was taught at an early age. The word carries with it some pretty self-explanatory descriptive terms such as: respectful, submissive, modest, unassertive and much more.  My parents modeled humility for me and out of my journey with the Lord, I’ve realized over the years how important it is to be humble. The Proverb writer said it pretty plain:

18 Pride leads to destruction;
       a proud attitude brings ruin. (Proverbs 16:18 NCV)
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

. We should certainly keep our pride in check at all times.  The Psalmist spoke clearly about his as well. Check this out….

1 Praise the Lord!
    Sing a new song to the Lord;
       sing his praise in the meeting of his people.
 4 The Lord is pleased with his people;
       he saves the humble.
 5 Let those who worship him rejoice in his glory.
       Let them sing for joy even in bed!
God is honored by all who worship him.
    Praise the Lord! (Psalm 149:1, 4-5, 9b NCV)

 I know that in our most recent recession, there were lots of wealthy people who ended up eating lots of humble pie. They were once quite wealthy, and now because of bank failures, business failures, they’ve lost a lot of material possessions. I know how that feels on a smaller scale. As I look at all my possessions and the income I produce with work, it is still all His. The Lord guides my earning and my spending. I want to eat humble pie often – I’ve actually acquired a taste for it! It’s been good for my soul as I walk with the Lord daily.  I find myself praising Him more often instead of being proud of me.

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