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Solomon writes an entire book of the Old Testament and is really all over the map with council and advice. He talks about all the meaningless stuff that we go through here on earth. The stuff we work for and strive for – it’s useless according to Solomon. He concludes that we’re going to die and all that we’ve done will be useless.

As he wraps up the book of Ecclesiastes he writes a concluding paragraph that is powerful. In fact, if I didn’t read the rest of the book and just read these few verses, I’d be blessed and would have been given some very valuable council.   Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 9 The Teacher was very wise and taught the people what he knew. He very carefully thought about, studied, and set in order many wise teachings.10 The Teacher looked for just the right words to write what is dependable and true.
 11 Words from wise people are like sharp sticks used to guide animals. They are like nails that have been driven in firmly. Altogether they are wise teachings that come from one Shepherd.12 So be careful, my son, about other teachings. People are always writing books, and too much study will make you tired.
13 Now, everything has been heard,

       so I give my final advice:
    Honor God and obey his commands,
       because this is all people must do. 
14 God will judge everything,
       even what is done in secret, 
the good and the evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 NCV)

 These words are life-giving council. At then end of all our pursuits in this life, we must pursue a relationship with God. He is the Reason to Live!  He becomes my motivation each morning. He is the ultimate Judge. He is my Creator. He is also my Sustainer. He is Wise, True & Faithful! The bottom line: I want to honor God with my devoted heart and actions that come out of my heart!

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