Core ValuesThis word means to be free of deceit and untruthfulness. It carries with it the meaning of sincerely truthful and morally correct. I was taught at a very early age that being honest was always best.  I remember asking a group of college students years ago if they believed honesty to always be the best policy. I was a bit shocked to learn that they felt like it was ok to lie in order to not hurt the other person. For example: “Does this dress look good on me?” They were saying that even if it doesn’t look good on the person, they should say it does.  I must say that I was a bit stunned. There were other examples that were given where they though it was ok to lie or be dishonest.  I do believe that taking the honesty route and speaking the truth in love no matter how hard it is on the receiving end is STILL the best policy. Check this out…

1I trust in the Lord for protection.

    So why do you say to me,

    “Fly like a bird to your mountain.
2 Like hunters, the wicked string their bows;

    they set their arrows on the bowstrings.

They shoot from dark places

    at those who are honest.
7 The Lord does what is right, and he loves justice,

    so honest people will see his face. (Psalm 11: 1-2,7 NIV)


As tough as it may be to always be honest, I believe the Lord delights in truth and honesty. I believe it is a core characteristic of Who He is and it is who I’m called to be. If followers of the Lord would always be honest and forthright, our word would be our bond and when we speak our words would have deep meaning.  In my work as a REALTOR, it’s easy to “over sell” with words. I have to keep my words in check so that I can speak honestly and not fluff or puff things out of whack.

The Lord calls me to be honest in my words and in my behavior. I believe there is a clear line that I should not cross. It is actually a pretty clear and visible boundary.

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