Holy Spirit WISDOM

I believe that the Holy Spirit can give direction to my everyday life.  He can prompt me to choose wisely. He can direct my path to go to a certain way and do a certain thing. He can advise on buying a car, a house or even a pair of sunglasses.  I believe the Holy Spirit can advise me on any thing and everything.

I read in Proverbs 8 this morning that wisdom had been around before creation. The parallels between wisdom and the Holy Spirit were striking.  Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
  29 I was there when he ordered the sea
       not to go beyond the borders he had set.
    I was there when he laid the earth’s foundation.
 30 I was like a child by his side.
    I was delighted every day,
       enjoying his presence all the time,
 31 enjoying the whole world,
       and delighted with all its people.
 32 “Now, my children, listen to me,
       because those who follow my ways are happy.
 33 Listen to my teaching, and you will be wise;
       do not ignore it.
 34 Happy are those who listen to me,
       watching at my door every day,
       waiting at my open doorway.
 35 Those who find me find life,
       and the Lord will be pleased with them.
 36 Those who do not find me hurt themselves.
       Those who hate me love death.” (Proverbs 8:29-36 NCV)

I certainly want the presence of the Holy Spirit & Wisdom in my life. I want Him to give direction for every single choice in my life – even what to have for breakfast!  I want His help in big decisions too. I want His help in leading my family and working in Real Estate.  In short, I want His Spirit and His  Wisdom to direct my path period.

Pressing On!

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