His Promises

I’ve made promises many times before. I promised years ago to be a good husband to Tina – that promise is a vow.  I’ve promised my kids stuff and I’ve tried to keep all my promises. Looking back, I see some that I didn’t do so well at keeping.  God doesn’t miss a single promise of His.  Check this out….

 9 The Lord says, “This day is like the time of Noah to me.  I promised then that I would never flood the world again.
In the same way, I promise I will not be angry with you
or punish you again.
 10 The mountains may disappear,
 and the hills may come to an end,
but my love will never disappear;
 my promise of peace will not come to an end,”
 says the Lord who shows mercy to you. (Isaiah 54:9-10 NCV)

 The Lord’s promises can be counted upon to be true. He never breaks His promises. I need His promise of peace…His promise of Grace….His promise of Salvation.

 I’m so thankful that God keeps His promises. I’m standing on that today!

Pressing On!

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