His Love Continues Forever

Just about everything we have in this world will left behind when we pass on. In fact – it is all temporary right down to our bodies.  The things that we can see and touch are temporary to this life. Our eternal life in heaven will have only our spirit. Our body will even be different.  Our faith, hope and love will live on into eternity. Our good deeds done for others will be remembered.  The temporary things that we spend so much time acquiring here on earth will not be with us in heaven. It’s the unseen, eternal, attributes that we should pursue.  The love of God endures forever! Check this out…

1 Give thanks to the Lord because he is good.
       His love continues forever.
 2 Give thanks to the God of gods.
       His love continues forever.
 3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords.
       His love continues forever.
23 He remembered us when we were in trouble.
       His love continues forever.
 24 He freed us from our enemies.
       His love continues forever.
 25 He gives food to every living creature.
       His love continues forever.
 26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
       His love continues forever. (Psalm 136:1-3; 23-26 NCV)

 Every verse in this psalm reminds me “His Love endures forever”. God’s love was here before my arrival on earth – in fact before anyone’s arrival here.  His love is the thread that holds my life together. I’d be nothing without His love. I am dependent on Him for the biggest of things and the smallest of things. I’m grateful that our Great God, so Strong and so Powerful, loves me like I love my kids. He is the definition of Love. I want to honor Him today with every choice I make – the words of my mouth and the actions of my feet and hands. I want my thoughts to be pure. I want to think in terms of the eternal love of God. I want make choices today that will carry into eternity where God’s love continues forever! 

Pressing On!

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