This is probably the simplest prayer that I’ve prayed. There have been times of desperation in my life where I wasn’t even sure how to pray. I simply needed help. David was obviously facing one of those times when he penned the words to this Psalm. Check this out…

 26 Lord my God, help me;
       because you are loving, save me.
 27 Then they will know that your power has done this;
       they will know that you have done it, Lord.
 28 They may curse me, but you bless me.
       They may attack me, but they will be disgraced.
       Then I, your servant, will be glad.
 29 Let those who accuse me be disgraced
       and covered with shame like a coat.
 30 I will thank the Lord very much;
       I will praise him in front of many people.
 31 He defends the helpless
       and saves them from those who accuse them. (Psalm 109:26-31 NCV)

I could pray this prayer pretty much every day. I need His help from the time I get up in the morning until I fall asleep. I even need His help when I’m sleeping. I need Him to watch over every detail of my life and my business. I’d rather be a pauper with Him helping me daily, than to be a multi-millionaire without Him.

He gives me strength. He gives me direction. He gives me grace. He gives me love. He gives me wisdom. He is the giver of life. My help comes from the Lord. Check this out….

“Maker of heaven – Giver of life
You are my strength – my Song in the night
My refuge, my shelter now and forever more
My help come from the Lord “(The Museum)
Pressing On!

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