Haircuts Don’t Hurt!

Haircut little gentlemanI don’t remember my first haircut, but I do remember my children’s first haircut. It was a bit of an ordeal. I guess when you’re a child and some stranger is coming at you with sharp objects in their hand – fear is normal. Since experiencing multiple haircuts over the years, I’m no longer afraid of them. I hate waiting for them and every now and then I get a bad one.  I think it’s sort of funny how certain things we discard off our body don’t hurt, but other things do. For example, we cut hair and finger nails off and they grow back. However a finger doesn’t grow back the same if I cut that off.

The Lord told Ezekiel to get a haircut/shave. He was to demonstrate the punishment of God to the people of Judah. After He cuts his hair and shaves his beard, He scatters it around and uses it for an object lesson. Check this out….

 7 “So this is what the Lord God says: You have caused more trouble than the nations around you. You have not followed my rules or obeyed my laws. You have not even obeyed the laws of the nations around you.
8 “So this is what the Lord God says: I myself am against you, and I will punish you as the nations watch.
11 So the Lord God says: You have made my Temple unclean with all your evil idols and the hateful things you do. Because of this, as surely as I live, I will cut you off. I will have no pity, and I will show no mercy. (Ezekiel 5:7-8;11 NCV)

 I have never really enjoyed being the target of discipline. It usually has some pain and struggle attached. After it’s over, I can usually note the benefit, but in the middle of it – I hate it. I also hate as a parent doing the discipline with my children. I know full well though, that if I don’t discipline, they will have indescribable problems and struggles that are worse. 

My God is full of mercy and grace. He offers me eternal life with Him. He doesn’t play with this obedience thing. He expects obedience, commands; even demands it. He is gracious with multiple warnings to His people and they still ignore.  I’m guilty of the same cycle of behavior. I don’t want to push Him to the point that a “haircut” is coming. I really want to honor Him with obedience and trust. He’s worthy of my trust and obedience.

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