Good Or Bad

I remember as a child learning the difference between good and bad – or right & wrong.  When I look carefully at most any situation, I see the good option versus the bad option. In God’s eyes it is really clear and simple: His way is the good way and disobedience is the bad way. During Jeremiah’s time as prophet, the people of Judah and Israel were captured and carried off in captivity.  All was not lost for those who are on the good team. Those who willfully disobey and ignore God will be taken out. Check this out….

Basket of Good Figs
It was then that the Lord showed me two baskets of figs arranged in front of the Temple of the Lord. 2 One of the baskets had very good figs in it, like figs that ripen early in the season. But the other basket had figs too rotten to eat.
3 The Lord said to me, “What do you see, Jeremiah?”
I answered, “I see figs. The good figs are very good, but the rotten figs are too rotten to eat.”
4 Then the Lord spoke his word to me: 5 “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I sent the people of Judah out of their country to live in the country of Babylon. I think of those people as good, like these good figs. 6 I will look after them and bring them back to the land of Judah. I will not tear them down, but I will build them up. I will not pull them up, but I will plant them so they can grow. 7 I will make them want to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, because they will return to me with their whole hearts. (Jeremiah 24:1b-7 NCV)

The compassionate heart of God is so clear…crystal clear. He provides the strength to stand in the tough times. He also inspires and nurtures growth in my heart. He wants me to know Him. He wants my whole heart.  I know that no matter what situation I face, He is with me and He will direct my path. He will lead me when I let go of my will and surrender to His. He is my God, Creator, Sustainer, Shepherd, Confidant and Friend. He will not let me down. I’m standing on that today!

Pressing On!

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