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Success Collage - good businessI believe that the Lord is interested in what goes on in the business world. I spent the first 20 years of my working life serving as a Youth Pastor. I was in “sales of a different kind”. I served students and their families and introduced them to the Lord. I knew very little about business. When I became a REALTOR, I basically went in business for myself. As a REALTOR, I’m an “independent contractor” and I work to sell homes for seller and help buyers find just the right home for their family. I’m almost always paid through the fee that the seller puts on the property for marketing. I have learned that my business is actually God’s business. He wants me to practice Good Business!

The book of Ezekiel covers some business success stories.  This city of Tyre was quite successful in business. The city, however, became arrogant and full of pride and the Lord took their success away. In Chapter 27 of Ezekiel, the prophet tells of all their success and at the end of the chapter, the demise of this once successful business-producing city. Check this out….

33 When the goods you traded went out over the seas,

    you met the needs of many nations.

With your great wealth and goods,

    you made kings of the earth rich.
34 But now you are broken by the sea

    and have sunk to the bottom.

Your goods and all the people on board

    have gone down with you.
35 All those who live along the shore

    are shocked by what happened to you.

Their kings are terribly afraid,

    and their faces show their fear.
36 The traders among the nations hiss at you.

    You have come to a terrible end,

    and you are gone forever.’” (Ezekiel 27:33-36 NCV)

I have never been more aware of how much God knows about my business. He knows every home or piece of land that I have listed. He knows every buyer I’m trying to find a home for. He knows about our company, Metro West Realty. He is interested in every facet of my life and my business. My business behavior reflects my spiritual journey. I must be careful to work with the utmost honesty and integrity because the Lord is in my business too. He is in my life and my work and those two reflect who I am and more importantly WHOSE I am.

My heart belongs to the Lord, so everything I am and everything I do belongs to Him. He is involved in every part of my workday and my life journey. He will direct my every decision IF I consult Him. He will certainly bless and prosper a business where He is honored. He will expand my horizons, my territory and my influence. I want every day business to be the Lord’s business. My spiritual journey can’t be separated from my business life or my family life. God is all about good business.

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