God’s Power

Sometimes I go through life not thinking much about the power of God. As I study His Word I notice that throughout history He took out entire nations if they were wicked and disobedient.  I remember His judgment against Sodom & Gomorrah. He gives notice that punishment is coming. He shows the right way to live. Check out what is coming down on Assyria….

  24 The Lord All-Powerful has made this promise:
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
    “These things will happen exactly as I planned them;
       they will happen exactly as I set them up.
 25 I will destroy the king of Assyria in my country;
       I will trample him on my mountains.
    He placed a heavy load on my people,
       but that weight will be removed.
 26 “This is what I plan to do for all the earth.
       And this is the hand that I have raised over all nations.”
 27 When the Lord All-Powerful makes a plan,
       no one can stop it.
    When the Lord raises his hand to punish people,
       no one can stop it. (Isaiah 14:24-27 NCV)

I think I’d be wise to pay attention to the Lord’s leadership in my life. He is merciful and full of grace. He is also just and fair. He despises sin and wickedness. He is crystal clear about the way we should live. He is powerful and His punishment severe.  I can’t do anything I want and flippantly sin – just because there is grace. God knows my heart and the intentions of my heart. That’s the part He judges. My heart always – always determines my behavior. I want the condition of my heart to be pure and clean, because I know my actions will follow.

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