God Decided

I know that there are times that I’m faced with decisions that are significant and even weighty. There are other times when the correct choice seems clear even thought there are multiple options available.

 I’m still learning to seek the council of God on the simplest of decisions.  He sees the whole picture, not just the big picture. He knows clearly what is the best choice for me to make. This reminds me of a great book by Andy Stanley, “The Best Question Ever” which the premise was based on this question, “What Is The Wise Thing To Do?” (Sorry if I ruined the book for you!)

This passage of scripture is not about what Tyre did or didn’t do; it’s about what God did. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 7Look at your once happy city!
Look at your old, old city!
People from that city have traveled
far away to live.
8 Who planned Tyre’s destruction?
Tyre made others rich.
Its merchants were treated like princes, and its traders were greatly respected.
It was the Lord All-Powerful who planned this. He decided to make these proud people unimportant; he decided to disgrace those who were greatly respected. (Isaiah 23:7-9 NCV)

God will give us insight on how to live our lives to please Him. He gave us the Word of God and He gives us His Holy Spirit. I believe that the Lord will direct my path in any and every situation when I seek Him. I also believe that God can decide for me. He can take out entire nations who dishonor Him.

I think it’s incredibly wise to seek His council before doing anything. He directs my path when I ask Him for wisdom. He clearly wants to be involved in my life when decisions are made. He certainly has the power to change the course of my life just as He did for Tyre. I want to be in close communion with Him so that I know what He wants me to do and where He wants me to go, so that I’m not surprised when He acts.  I trust Him to lead me today and every day, His decisions are always right!

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