Frantic Prayer

I’ve definitely prayed frantically before. I’ve prayed for big things to happen. I’ve prayed for God to show up in a big way. I’ve begged God to hear me. There is a sense of desperation in these prayers. David prayed such a prayer when he was hiding in a cave from the pursuit of King Saul. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”


1 I cry out to the Lord;
       I pray to the Lord for mercy.
 2 I pour out my problems to him;
       I tell him my troubles.
 3 When I am afraid,
       you, Lord, know the way out.
    In the path where I walk,
       a trap is hidden for me.
5 Lord, I cry out to you.
       I say, “You are my protection.
       You are all I want in this life.”
 6 Listen to my cry,
       because I am helpless.
    Save me from those who are chasing me,
       because they are too strong for me.
 7 Free me from my prison,
       and then I will praise your name.
    Then good people will surround me,
       because you have taken care of me. (Psalm 142:1-3; 5-7 NCV)

 David knows what it’s like to be desperate and frantic. He recognizes that God has this and is very capable of protection.  Sometimes the thing I’m afraid of rattles my faith from the core.  I don’t believe that God causes bad things to happen to good people, but He can use the bad things 10 out of 10 times to make good things come from it.

I want to walk with confidence and put fear in the rear view mirror. I want to trust Him with my protection. I want to be bold for Him. I want to keep praying big bold prayers. I want to grow in my trust of Him.

 Pressing On!

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