The foundation is often one the most important factors in looking at a home to see if it’s structurally sound. Obviously, the walls and the roof are significant too. It’s usually harder to repair a big flaw in the foundation than anywhere else.  The foundation is part of the “bone structure” of the home. I once showed a huge house (3500 sq. ft.) where the floor plan was amazing and the price seemed right.  The outside of the house presented itself very well. It had a country front porch, a master bedroom suite to die for. It featured hard wood floors; a “walk-around” stacked stone fireplace and a massive kitchen. I began to notice something was off though. I saw a spot that was significantly off level. I looked closer and the air vents were open to the crawl space – no HVAC. The foundation consisted of piers that were uneven and the ground floor of this two-story home was not properly placed on a foundation.  Isaiah speaks to The Foundation. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 Because of these things, this is what the Lord God says:
“I will put a stone in the ground in Jerusalem,

    a tested stone.

Everything will be built on this important and precious rock.

    Anyone who trusts in it will never be disappointed.
I will use justice as a measuring line

    and goodness as the standard.

The lies you hide behind will be destroyed as if by hail.

    They will be washed away as if in a flood. (Isaiah 28:16-17 NCV)

 Other translations of this same passage call the important rock the Cornerstone. In buildings of this day and age, it was the most significant part of the foundation. The weight of the building rested on the Cornerstone.  In my world, Jesus is the Cornerstone. He has become my foundation upon which my life and my work is built. He is my Rock, my foundation to all of my life. I can’t imagine based my life on anything or anyone else. He has kept me steady for years. Since I’ve been making the study of His Word a priority, my relationship has grown so much deeper and wider.

I stand on the Rock of my salvation – I will not move from this place. I want Him to keep me strong and steady as I rest in Him!

 Pressing On!

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