I’m pretty good at remembering things that I write down. If I write a lot of things down, I’m likely to forget something. I’m reminded in my daily journey through the Word of God about His Power, His Presence and His Promises. He is faithful, consistent and true. He does not change Who He is to fit into my life. I change my life to make sure He is first.  I remember when my relationship with the Lord wasn’t quite so strong. I was younger and immature and just didn’t get it. I’m learning to cultivate my memories of my journey with Him yesterday because it has shaped today.  The people of Judah definitely had a “forgetful problem”.  Check this out….

8 Why do you want to make me angry by making idols? Why do you burn incense to the gods of Egypt, where you have come to live? You will destroy yourselves. Other nations will speak evil of you and make fun of you. 9 Have you forgotten about the evil things your ancestors did? And have you forgotten the evil the kings and queens of Judah did? Have you forgotten about the evil you and your wives did? These things were done in the country of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. 10 Even to this day the people of Judah are still too proud. They have not learned to respect me or to follow my teachings. They have not obeyed the laws I gave you and your ancestors. (Jeremiah 44:8-10 NCV)

 I remember a great quote regarding this subject: “Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it”.  I want to remember my past only to learn from it. Some things in my past are painful and some things are pleasant. I need to remember my past in light of my journey with the Lord.

In my life, I remember tragedies like they were yesterday. I remember where I was when several catastrophic things happened. I would do well to remember milestones in my spiritual journey as well. I want to be faithful daily to seek His face and His will for me.

Pressing On!

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