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I have two sons still at home and they are nearing the time in their life where they will be able to drive.  The process in Georgia is to take a written test at age 15 and then spend a year learning to drive.  They must past the written test in order to get their “learners license”.  A huge portion of the written test includes a section on road signs. It is important for drivers to know how to read the signs as well as the meaning of the signs. There are speed limit signs (no comment) as well as directional signs (one way) and warning signs (sharp curve ahead). I believe that the Word of God is full of signs to help me in my spiritual journey. Check this out…

 21“People of Israel, fix the road signs.
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
Put up signs to show you the way home.
Watch the road.
Pay attention to the road on which you travel.
People of Israel, come home,
come back to your towns. (Jeremiah 31:21 NCV)

The Lord was compelling Israel to make their way home from captivity. There were signs that lead them into captivity, aka their rebellion and sin. There signs to come out of the destruction that they brought on themselves. I believe that one of the biggest obstacles to my coming home to the Lord is my pride. I must lay down my pride and surrender to His will for me.  I must trust the ONE who made me to show me the way home. The Lord wants fellowship with me, and the journey home will take the rest of my life here on earth. With His help, I will see the signs that point the way home! His home is where I belong anyway.

 Pressing On!

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