Campfire on LakeI love a good campfire. I enjoy relaxing next to a pile of wood while watching the fire consume the wood. The flames licking the wood are in some weird way relaxing. A fireplace can create ambiance on a cold winter night as well as create heat and comfort for those nearby. Fire can be incredibly destructive. When wild fires burn out of control, they utterly destroy everything in their path. Fire is used to produce energy and it fact, it is probably one of the oldest energy sources.

Fire is also used to purify gold, silver and other special metals. Fire is also used to shape iron and steel. In Zechariah, the Lord speaks of using fire to test people.  Check this out….

9 The third that is left I will test with fire,

    purifying them like silver,

    testing them like gold.
Then they will call on me,

    and I will answer them.

I will say, ‘You are my people,’

    and they will say, ‘The Lord is our God.’” (Zechariah 13:9 NCV)

There are times in my life that I feel like I was being tested by fire. The “heat” of life felt like it would destroy me. I remember someone saying to me, “The things that don’t kill us make us stronger”Being tested by the Lord is not a pleasant process. He is looking for specific character traits in me. I would be wise to pursue His plan for my life. I must hold tightly to Him before, during and after the test. His test is not mean to destroy me, it’s meant to “burn off” the sin and multiple distractions that keep me from being fully devoted to Him.  I think it’s interesting that the Lord uses fire to test and the imagery of hell is a fire that never stops.  I want to pursue the Lord with all that is within me because He’s the Creator of all things – including fire!

Pressing On!

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