Exit Strategy

Exit SignI remember as a small child noticing the illuminated “Exit” signs in school and other public places. That was curious word to say and know as a youngster. I now know the importance of the illuminated signs and how they could really help in case of a tragedy or fire – you could easily exit the building.  I’ve often heard the term “exit strategy” used when someone is trying to figure out how to get out a certain job, career or situation.

The Lord spoke to the exit of His people from worship. Check this out….

9 “‘When the people of the land come into the Lord’s presence at the special feasts, those who enter through the north gate to worship must go out through the south gate. Those who enter through the south gate must go out through the north gate. They must not return the same way they entered; everyone must go out the opposite way. 10 The ruler will go in with the people when they go in and go out with them when they go out. (Ezekiel 46:9-10 NCV)

I thought it was pretty interesting that the Lord didn’t want the people to leave the same way they came. If they came in one gate, they should leave through the other. I think the Lord wants me to be different when I leave worship than when I came. I also found it interesting that they entered into the Lords Presence.  In Old Testament times, the Lords Presence was in a place – the Temple or Tabernacle. After Jesus came, the Lords Presence is with people. I want the Lords Presence to be all over me every day of my life.  I want to enter into worship knowing that the Presence of God is all over me. I want to leave worship knowing that I must continue to be shaped into His likeness. I should not be the same after worship of Creator God. His Presence in my life is a “Game Changer”!


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