exam test pass or fail iconI’m not a huge fan of tests. I don’t like taking tests even when I feel very good about knowing the material that is on the test. When I served as an instructor, I didn’t like exams much either. I saw the angst that the test caused students who had actually studied and participated in class. Some people simply do not test very well. They get so anxious that they forget something that they really know pretty well.

I haven’t always been a fan of medical exams. I really do like my Doctor and I think he is extremely knowledgeable and wise. There are no secrets from him regarding my health. If I’m having problems anywhere, I should speak to him about it. The older I get the more valuable my doctors visits are.

I was reminded this morning that the Lord issues exams of my heart quite often. He is the tester and examiner of my heart. In the exams that the Lord does on my heart , He’s looking for stuff that don’t belong there. Check this out…..

Hear me, Lord, my plea is just;

    listen to my cry.
Hear my prayer –

    it does not rise from deceitful lips.
2 Let my vindication come from you;

    may your eyes see what is right.
3Though you probe my heart,

    though you examine me at night and test me,

you will find that I have planned no evil;

    my mouth has not transgressed.
4 Though people tried to bribe me,

    I have kept myself from the ways of the violent

    through what your lips have commanded.
5 My steps have held to your paths;

    my feet have not stumbled. (Psalm 17:1-5 NIV)


Today the Lord will test my heart again. I need to be very conscious of guarding my heart against the evil one who wants to give my heart the cancer of sin. I have the ultimate protection from sin with the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in my heart. He will help me discern when foreign concepts and ideas try to make their way into my heart. The Lord will protect my heart when I in constant communication and communion with Him.

Pressing On!

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