God makes it clear in His Word that He wants everyone to know Him and be known as His kid. He created us to worship Him. He created us to bring honor to Him. He is not selectively choosing one people group over another – He wants everyone to come to His table.  Check this out….

 6 Foreigners will join the Lord to worship him and love him,
to serve him,
to obey the law about the Sabbath,
and to keep my agreement.
 7 I will bring these people to my holy mountain
and give them joy in my house of prayer.
The offerings and sacrifices
they place on my altar will please me,
because my Temple will be called a house for prayer for people from all nations.” (Isaiah 56:6-7 NCV)

1 This is what the Lord says: “Give justice to all people,
  and do what is right,
because my salvation will come to you soon.
  Soon everyone will know that I do what is right. (Isaiah 56:1 NCV)

I really want to live my life in a way that honors the Lord. He wants me to know Him and walk with Him. He wants me to put my faith in Him and His ability to lead and direct my life. I want every day to honor Him. I will never outsmart Him. He knows more than the most brilliant human being, because He created them. He can make me appear brilliant and smart, when really it’s Him leading me to do brilliant and smart things.  I’m thankful, so very thankful that I belong to Him and that He will lead me every day. I’m so thankful that He wants EVERYONE to know Him in the same way!

Pressing On!

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