I’ve heard it a lot since things got tight in our economy over the past 3 or 4 years. There are people who have downsized the home they live in or the car they drive. Many businesses have downsized as well. It has something to do with trimming the numbers down to a more manageable number. God is downsized the nations who rebel against Him. Check this out….

 33Watch! The Lord God All-Powerful
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
       with his great power will chop them down like a great tree.
    Those who are great will be cut down;
       those who are important will fall to the ground.
 34 He will cut them down
       as a forest is cut down with an ax.
    And the great trees of Lebanon
       will fall by the power of the Mighty One. (Isaiah 10:33-34 NCV)

God is looking for obedience from among the nations. He is looking for nations who make Him Lord and who obey His commands. He will not ignore rebellion forever. He has great tolerance for us, but He will not let us continue to self-destruct. His punishment will handed out pretty fiercely against us.  I intend to make note of His moral high ground and become obedient to Him and honor Him with my actions and my willful obedience.  The alternative is mandatory downsizing and it’s much more painful than obedience.

Pressing On!

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