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Quit wordI spoke with a guy yesterday who had smoked for years and he finally quit. He explained to me that chewing gum was the catalyst that helped him quit.  He also said that for years his daughter had tried to get him to quit and now “she smokes like a smoke stack”. I could so tell that he was incredulous with her – How could she give him such grief all these years and now she’s captive the same vice.

In some situations, quitting is way too easy. In other situations, it’s very hard. I think the difference is addiction. If you’re addicted to something it’s a bit different than if you’re simply doing something you shouldn’t do. When you’re addicted to something – it sort of owns you.

As I was reading the prophet Zephaniah this morning, I was reminded to never quit following the Lord. He was speaking God’s judgment on Judah and I was hit with some of these words. Check this out….

 4 “I will punish Judah

    and all the people living in Jerusalem.

I will remove from this place

    all signs of Baal, the false priests,
 and the other priests.
5 I will destroy those who worship

    the stars from the roofs,

and those who worship and make promises

    by both the Lord and the god Molech,
6 and those who turned away from the Lord,

    and those who quit following the Lord
 and praying to him for direction.
7 Be silent before the Lord God,

    because the Lord’s day for judging people is coming soon.
12 At that time I, the Lord, will search Jerusalem with lamps.

    I will punish those who are satisfied with themselves,

    who think, ‘The Lord won’t help us or punish us.’ (Zephaniah 1:4-7;12 NCV)

There are definitely things that I should quit doing. I know that I’ve picked up bad habits over the years. Some have come and gone – some have come and stayed.  I do have some good habits that I need to cultivate the strength of them in my life. I want to continue to seek the Lord for direction in my life. The direction I seek from the Lord includes direction for my family, my business – all of me.  I don’t ever want to get to the point where I think I don’t need the Lord. I need Him every single day of my life and I don’t ever want to quit following and pursuing Him and His heart. He knows what is best for me. He can help me quit the things that are destructive and He can build my life, my character into something incredible! It’s all about Him and what He’s doing in me!

Pressing On!

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