The word discipline brings to mind some well-deserved spankings that I received as a child. I also was grounded a few times because I disobeyed my parents.  That word does not scream out positive thoughts to me. There is another “side” of that word as well. We use the word discipline to describe controlled behavior in order to accomplish a certain goal. For example, it takes discipline to exercise every day to become physically fit. For me it takes some “push aways”, not just push-ups. I have to “push away” the plate of food when I’ve had enough.  Jeremiah lamented about the consequences of his country’s lack of discipline. Check this out….

12 Kings of the earth and people of the world
could not believe
that enemies and foes

    could enter the gates of Jerusalem.
13 It happened because her prophets sinned

    and her priests did evil.

They killed in the city

    those who did what was right.
17 Also, our eyes grew tired,

    looking for help that never came.

We kept watch from our towers

    for a nation to save us.
18 Our enemies hunted us,

    so we could not even walk in the streets.

Our end is near. Our time is up.
    Our end has come.
19 Those who chased us

    were faster than eagles in the sky.

They ran us into the mountains

    and ambushed us in the desert. (Lamentations 4:12-13; 17-19 NCV)

Discipline takes a lot of work. If I’m the one disciplining my children, it’s hard work. If the Lord is disciplining me, it’s painful. The word discipline is a derivative of disciple. In order to be a disciple of the Lord, I must bring some discipline and order to my world.

I recently became so very busy working my Real Estate career that I told my wife that I was out of balance. I had worked several days in a row including weekends. It is very busy sometimes.  But I can’t get too busy to pray. I can’t get too busy to seek the Lord. I can’t get too busy for my wife and children. I have to exercise some discipline in all of my life as my ultimate goal is to be a disciple of Jesus!

Pressing On!

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