Destructive Pride

Man with arrogant expressionPride is not always a bad thing. It’s totally appropriate to take pride in our achievements or the achievements of others. Pride goes astray when I develop an excessively high opinion of my self or my own importance.  Pride has destroyed many good people over the years. Pride destroys companies and countries. Pride destroys relationships that have been very rewarding and deep.

The country of Israel allowed their pride to bring destruction. Check this out….

8 “Israel mixes with other nations;

    he is like a pancake cooked only on one side.
9 Foreign nations have eaten up his strength,

    but he doesn’t know it.
Israel is weak and feeble, like an old man,

    but he doesn’t know it.
10 Israel’s pride will cause their defeat;

    they will not turn back to the Lord their God

    or look to him for help in all this. (Hosea 7:8-10 NCV)

I believe that pride is easier to swallow than the disgusting taste of defeat or destruction. If I could only see the big picture and see how destructive my pride is. I need to take a step back because pride can also put blinders on me. I can’t always see when I’m being full of pride and arrogance. Both pride and arrogance are polar opposites to humility and service.  God calls me to be different than the world. I’m called to serve on His behalf and in His name. I’m not called to make myself looks great while serving – I’m just called to serve.  When pride slips into my serving, humility leaves. I don’t believe that pride and humility can co-exist. I must lay down my pride and clothe myself with humility to be an effective follower of God.

Pressing On!

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