Desperation Prayer

There have been times in my life when I’ve been so desperate that the only prayer that comes out of my mouth is, “Help”. I have so been there and I understand the fear that comes from not knowing what is next. It’s during those times of desperation; I learn volumes about trusting God. He teaches me much more through struggles than on easy street. I can so relate to David’s desperate prayers. Check this out…

 13 But I pray to you, Lord, for favor.
    God, because of your great love, answer me.
       You are truly able to save.
 14 Pull me from the mud,
       and do not let me sink.
    Save me from those who hate me
       and from the deep water.
 15 Do not let the flood drown me
       or the deep water swallow me
       or the grave close its mouth over me.
 16 Lord, answer me because your love is so good.
       Because of your great kindness, turn to me.
 17 Do not hide from me, your servant.
       I am in trouble. Hurry to help me! (Psalm 69:13-17 NCV)

 I’m learning to pray and seek the favor of God on my life and on the life of my children. I would rather have the favor of God than all of the riches in the world. I would rather have the favor of God on my children than the best of career choices. God’s favor can protect me. God’s favor can shield me. God’s favor can rescue me. God’s favor can direct my path.  I believe God’s favor can settle in my spirit and lead me to choices that honor Him.  In my desperation, I cry to Him for His favor and He responds!  I’m so grateful for His favor and His Presence.


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