Desperate Day

Abstract Silhouette PrayingThere are days where nothing seems to go right. It starts in the morning with something breaking at home. As we move through the day, one thing after another goes wrong. There are days when the news is devastating to my family, my loved ones, my friend, my country or me. I’m so thankful that my desperate days are fairly few and far apart. Joel was speaking of a desperate day as he opens his book. Check this out…

14 Call for a day when everyone fasts!

    Tell everyone to stop work!
Bring the elders

    and everyone who lives in the land
to the Temple of the Lord your God,

    and cry out to the Lord.
15 What a terrible day it will be!

    The Lord’s day of judging is near,
when punishment will come

    like a demolishing attack from the Almighty.
16 Our food is taken away

    while we watch.
Joy and happiness are gone

    from the Temple of our God.
19 Lord, I am calling to you for help,

    because fire has burned up the open pastures,

    and flames have burned all the trees in the field.
20 Wild animals also need your help.

    The streams of water have dried up,

    and fire has burned up the open pastures.(Joel 1:14-16; 19-20 NCV)

Desperate days call for desperate prayers. I have been there and done that and quite honestly it’s somewhat of a blur. I can’t remember the words I said, but I remember the helpless and desperate feeling that swept over me.

God specializes in rescue from desperate days. He is Creator of all and if anyone can help me make sense of my desperate day it would be Him. Walking with Him through desperate days offers perspective and hope. Walking with Him is actually walking and working with the One Who can change my situation if not my perspective. He is the Soul Shaper and Wind Maker. He helps me understand things that are normally too deep for my mind to grasp. He is the keeper of my heart and my soul. I trust Him deeply and I can’t think of a better place to be on a desperate day than with the Lord holding on tightly to me.

Pressing On!


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