I’ve heard coaches say “the best offense is a good defense”. I’ve heard it the other way around too.  Defender is someone who defends something or someone.  Defenders are on guard watching for the offensive strategy of the other side. I need defending every day from the tactics of the evil one.  The Psalmist describes characteristics of my Defender. Check this out…..

8 You stupid ones among the people, pay attention.
       You fools, when will you understand?
 9 Can’t the creator of ears hear?
       Can’t the maker of eyes see?
 10 Won’t the one who corrects nations punish you?
       Doesn’t the teacher of people know everything?
 11 The Lord knows what people think.
       He knows their thoughts are just a puff of wind.
 22 But the Lord is my defender;
       my God is the rock of my protection. (Psalm 94:8-11, 22 NCV)

I love the thought that God is Creator of the tools we use to hurt one another. He made the tongue, the eyes, the ears – He made everything. He knows the thoughts of those who plot evil against me – after all He made the brain too! He certainly knows how to use the things He created. He also knows how to defend against the things He created should someone use them for their own selfish desires.

When God is doing the defending, I have no worries. My only concern is pursuit of His heart. He will defend me even when appearances are against me. He is also a strong and immovable foundation underneath my feet. I’m sticking with Him for my defense and my offense

Pressing On!

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