I realize that my English teacher would “have a duck” if she saw the title of this blog. I’m really speaking of “decision maker” when I use the term “decider”.  In Real Estate world the past few years has brought a term to our vocabulary that hasn’t been used so much before this. The term is called “Short Sale”. Upon first hearing the word, it seems implied that this won’t be long – it will be short. Please know that the term “short sale” does NOT implicate a “short period of time”. It simply means the sellers are “selling short of what they owe” on the property. This can ONLY be done with permission from the lender who is owned the money.

When an offer is made and the seller says “ok”, the offer is then taken to the lender. This is where things get stuck. The person who looks at the offer is not the “decider”. He or she may simply be a clerical person entering the data into a computer program. The REALTOR and the seller often can’t get to the decider for several days because the paper work has to be in proper order. Sometimes I have had to send the same documentation 3 times to the same person.  I’m not sure what happens with it, but the process doesn’t seem to work properly.  I’ve always said, that if I could present a short sale offer to the “decider” and explain the market data that defends the price. If I could show the “decider” how much they could save the bank by taking this deal instead of taking the home back through foreclosure – the deal would get done. The problem comes with finding the “decider”.

As far as my life is concerned – I am the DECIDER. I am the one responsible for the decisions I make and the consequences that come from them. I sometimes wish that could pass this off to someone else, but it’s on me.  The people Jeremiah was speaking with simply couldn’t get it. Check this out…..

 20 “Announce this message to the family of Jacob,
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

    and tell it to the nation of Judah:
21 Hear this message,
 you foolish people who have no sense.

    They have eyes, but they don’t really see.

    They have ears, but they don’t really listen.
22 Surely you are afraid of me,” says the Lord.

    “You should shake with fear in my presence.

I am the one who made the beaches to be a border for the sea,

    a border the water can never go past.

The waves may pound the beach,
 but they can’t win over it.

    They may roar, but they cannot go beyond it.
23 But the people of Judah are stubborn and have turned against me.

    They have turned aside and gone away from me. (Jeremiah 5:20-23 NCV)

 Today is New Years Day and it is often a time of new resolutions that are broken in a few days. I need to make a resolution every day to follow the Lord and walk in obedience to Him. I will trust Him with the details of my obedience, but I am the decider of my daily walk. He gives me the freedom and latitude to choose the path that He directs me on or I can chose the one that leads to lots of pain and ultimately my destruction. If I choose today with the end in mind, I will walk with Him no matter what.

I want to be a “decider” who follows the “DECIDER” of my salvation and my eternity!

 Pressing On!

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