Basic CMYKThere are things in my world that are “strikingly different from other things” in my world. There are people in my circles who are “night and day different” from one another.  The word contrast is a close “friend” to the word compare. To compare things, implies that there are attributes that are somewhat similar.  Habakkuk shows a pretty big contrast between the living God and idols. Check this out…

18 “An idol does no good, because a human made it;

    it is only a statue that teaches lies.

The one who made it expects his own work to help him,

    but he makes idols that can’t even speak!
19 How terrible it will be for the one who says to a wooden statue,
 ‘Come to life!’

    How terrible it will be for the one who says to a silent stone,
 ‘Get up!’
It cannot tell you what to do.

    It is only a statue covered with gold and silver;

    there is no life in it.
20 The Lord is in his Holy Temple;

    all the earth should be silent in his presence. (Habakkuk 2:18-20 NCV)

The Lord blows away any competition. There is nothing or no one who compares to Him. There is certainly NOTHING that man can make to compare to Him. He is the Creator of all things and we should always worship the Creator and NOT His Creation. His creation was created to bring honor and glory to Him. It was not created to distract us from Him.

It blows my mind that there are people who actually worship wooden idols. It even blows my mind that people have little statues of other gods. The God of Creation is the God of scripture and He will not share the stage of my heart with any other substitute.  I can’t imagine putting my trust in something like an idol. I’ve not see the Lord face to face literally, but through my eyes of faith, I’ve seen Him up close and personal. He is as real to me as the chair I’m sitting in. His Presence in my life has changed my perspective on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! My life before Him and since Him is quite a contrast!

Pressing On!

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