The English language is a funny language sometimes. For example, the word content can mean the “something included in a book or a container” or it can mean a “state of satisfaction with present circumstances”.  I had not thought much about our language until my youngest son Luke came on the scene and his native language was Spanish. He has done great learning to speak the English language, but when he comes upon words that have double meanings, it’s tough to grasp.  As I wrestled with this word content, I have to say that I was first thinking of it as a state of peace with who I am and what I have. I could be a combination of the two. Solomon was speaking to this in Ecclesiastes. Check this out…

 4 I realized the reason people work hard and try to succeed: They are jealous of each other. This,
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
too, is useless, like chasing the wind.
 5 Some say it is foolish to fold your hands and do nothing,
       because you will starve to death.
 6 Maybe so, but I say it is better to be content
       with what little you have.
    Otherwise, you will always be struggling for more,
       and that is like chasing the wind. (Ecclesiastes 4:4-6 NCV)

 What if my life’s contents displayed a content spirit? I do work hard every day to provide for my family. I probably should keep a close check on all my motivation to make sure that I’m not trying to impress someone else by my successes. I should be working to please the One who made me. I should be working and serving others in the process of work. My motivation should not be to be rich and loaded, but to be a great provider for my family and generous to those in need.

I want to work hard at being the best REALTOR that I can be. I can be successful and serve my clients well and get compensation for my work. I can honor God in the process of making money every single day. I can learn to be content with what I have instead of constantly thinking I must have something more…. a nicer car, or nicer home, nicer clothes, etc… (this list could go on and on).

I want the content of my heart to be contentment with the Presence of God and the peace that only He can give!

Pressing On!

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