The only thing that is really consistent about my life is change. It happens all the time and often many times in a day.  There are changes to my work, changes happening to my family and friends.  I’m so grateful that I serve a God who is EXTREMELY CONSISTENT. 

I became a Christian as a very young man. I wanted to serve God with my life. My parents were excellent examples of what it meant to be a follower of Christ. I now consider myself to be old (since my kids think that) and I often catch myself reflecting on my journey with the Lord. I’m not sure if David wrote the “old person’s prayer” in this Psalm or not. Check this out….

5 Lord, you are my hope.
       Lord, I have trusted you since I was young.
 6 I have depended on you since I was born;
       you helped me even on the day of my birth.
       I will always praise you.
 7 I am an example to many people,
       because you are my strong protection.
 8 I am always praising you;
       all day long I honor you.
14 But I will always have hope
       and will praise you more and more.
 15 I will tell how you do what is right.
       I will tell about your salvation all day long,
       even though it is more than I can tell.
 16 I will come and tell about your powerful works, Lord God.
       I will remind people that only you do what is right.
 17 God, you have taught me since I was young.
       To this day I tell about the miracles you do. (Psalm 71:5-8; 14-17 NCV)

I remember getting my Pappy (Grandpa) a card once that said, “the older I get, the smarter you get”.  My Pappy loved that card, because he knew that he knew things that I would have to learn on my own or from my own experience. His response to the card is what made me never forget the contents.

I’m so grateful for the heritage of faith that my parents passed on to me. I want to be consistent in my journey with God until I breathe my last breath here and look on Him there.   I want to hear God speak into my heart while I’m here. I want to display His Presence by how I live and work. I want to be consistent because He is consistent! 

Pressing On!

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