Consistent Love

I went to the funeral home last night to see a widow grieve the lost of her husband of 60 years!  She told of their devotional the night before He died – was about heaven. He confessed to her that he didn’t want to sound selfish, but he wanted to die first, because He couldn’t live without her. He died in less than 36 hours.  His wife would say that he was consistent and steady in his love and his life.

 One of the important elements of love is consistency.  If a person shows love today but then ignores you tomorrow, it can hurt. When a man and woman make vows in the marriage ceremony, it often includes in the vows that you will love no matter what. As nervous as many brides and grooms are; they are still making some important statements of commitment.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

Check this out….

 6 I opened the door for my lover,
       but my lover had left and was gone.
       When he spoke, he took my breath away.
    I looked for him, but I could not find him;
       I called for him, but he did not answer.
 7 The watchmen found me
       as they patrolled the city.
    They hit me and hurt me;
       the guards on the wall took away my veil.
 8 Promise me, women of Jerusalem,
       if you find my lover,
       tell him I am weak with love. (Song of Solomon 5:6-7 NCV)

 One of the biggest challenges to a marriage is being consistent. One minute we’re find and then the next minute, we are coming “unglued” Love that comes from the Lord is consistent in content and consistent in time spent. I think it takes a lifetime to prove consistent love.

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