Clothes For Christmas

I love getting clothes for Christmas because I usually help pick them out. I can get the right color and size that I’m comfortable in.  My wife and I recently became “Thrivers” – we signed up for Thrive Weight Loss and I’ve lost weight. My clothes are a bit big, so I’m getting some new clothes for Christmas and whenever I find a sale!  People who know me are fully aware that I’m not a fashion model. I’m pretty practical when it comes to clothes. Isaiah speaks of a different kind of clothing. Check this out….

 10 The Lord makes me very happy;
all that I am rejoices in my God.
He has covered me with clothes of
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
and wrapped me with a coat of goodness,
like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding,
like a bride dressed in jewels.
 11 The earth causes plants to grow, and a garden causes the seeds planted in it to grow.
In the same way the Lord God will make goodness and praise
come from all the nations. (Isaiah 61:10-11 NCV)

 I want my clothes to be issued by the Lord instead of Levis. I want to be clothed with salvation and goodness. I want to be dressed in every detail with the clothes that the Lord has picked out for me.

When my wife picks out my clothes, I’m usually pretty happy – or least I often go along with her choice. She’s smarter than I am at this stuff. When the Lord chooses my clothes, I’m totally good with it. He dresses me to the max and it shows, because the clothes He dresses me in are eternal values. I know what I’m wearing today!

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