Clean Clothes

Clothes with detergent and washing powder in orange plastic basket isolated on whiteI love the fresh smell of clean clothes as I’m putting them on. I remember camping out as a kid and having to use the same clothes the next day and I hated it. As I grew older, I really like my clothes to be ironed and I want them to match. When I wear clean cloths I can make a better first impression.

The Lord looks beyond clothes and into my heart. He cares way more about my heart than my “outward appearance”. In reading the Old Testament and seeing the detail on the priestly clothing, it’s obvious that the Lord cares about clothing too. In Zechariah, the Lord reveals through this prophet some thoughts about how outward appearance is connected to our obedient heart.  Check this out…

1 Then he showed me Joshua, the high priest, standing in front of the Lord’s angel. And Satan was standing by Joshua’s right side to accuse him. 2 The Lord said to Satan, “The Lord says no to you, Satan! The Lord who has chosen Jerusalem says no to you! This man was like a burning stick pulled from the fire.”
3 Joshua was wearing dirty clothes and was standing in front of the angel. 4 The angel said to those standing in front of him, “Take off those dirty clothes.”
Then the angel said to Joshua, “Look, I have taken away your sin from you, and I am giving you beautiful, fine clothes.” (Zechariah 3:1-4 NCV)

I love the picture here of the removal of sin. Joshua, the high priest was in need of God’s Grace.  I see that God’s Grace freed him from the accuser and the Lord gave new clothes!

On a practical note, my clothes don’t just get clean by themselves. I’m often thankful for our washing machine and the job it does to get my clothes clean. I actually know how to use it. My wife has even allowed me to operate it occasionally!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that the Lord wants my heart dressed up in a “tuxedo” no matter what I’m wearing over my body!

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