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I had the opportunity to be part of wedding yesterday. It was a small wedding out in the country and outdoor. The bride and groom are really great kids and after the ceremony, the celebration began. There is always one part of the ceremony that brings a smile to my face and that is the reference where Jesus refers to the church as the “His bride”!  When attending a wedding, I always notice how the groom looks at his beautiful bride. Everyone in attendance at a wedding is noticing the interaction between the bride and the groom.  Solomon pens some beautiful & romantic words from the groom to the bride. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
7 My darling, everything about you is beautiful,
       and there is nothing at all wrong with you.
 8 Come with me from Lebanon, my bride.
       Come with me from Lebanon,
    from the top of Mount Amana,
       from the tops of Mount Senir and Mount Hermon.
    Come from the lions’ dens
       and from the leopards’ hills.
 9 My sister, my bride,
       you have thrilled my heart;
    you have thrilled my heart
       with a glance of your eyes,
       with one sparkle from your necklace.
 10 Your love is so sweet, my sister, my bride.
       Your love is better than wine,
       and your perfume smells better than any spice. (Song of Solomon 4:7-10 NCV)

 Christ loves the church – His bride.  Today as I’m writing this, it will soon be time for the church to gather all across the world.  I wonder if Christ still sees the church as a beautiful bride described by Solomon. I believe our church should reflect the love that Christ has for us – right back to Him.  In a healthy marriage, the bride and groom reciprocate love for each other.  Our church should be a place where it is extremely obvious that Christ loves us and we love Him, respect Him and honor Him. 

I should keep my vows to Him that I made when I first surrendered my life to Him. The church is made up of individuals like me who each has a personal relationship with the Lord. Collectively my fellow Christ followers make up the church.  When I pause to think of the amazing love of God for His church, it brings a smile to my heart. He has chosen the church to connect His followers to one another and to Himself.  I’m looking forward to worshipping with the bride of Christ today and feeling the love in that environment!

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